Advancing Breast Exam Standards and Practices Since 1974

The MammaCare® Method is the recognized standard for
performing and teaching clinical and personal breast examination

Breast Exam Training Technology

Critical breast exam skills are learned on tactually accurate breast models and breast exam simulators that teach the difference between suspicious masses and normal nodular breast tissue so that clinicians and women can perform more effective breast exams without false positive alarms.

MammaCare True Positives Breat Exam

University Courses

MammaCare provides advanced CBE training courses to universities using tactually-accurate breast models and computer-guided technology. is a dedicated training platform that allows students and faculty to access training and view performance results.


Certification courses provide in-depth training to improve examination and teaching skills and to increase clinician confidence. Certification is offered to nurses, physicians, radiologic technologists and health educators in the United States and Germany.

MammaCare BSE Breat Exam

Continuing Education

The MammaCare online continuing education (CE) course introduces the standards of practice for proficient clinical breast examination (CBE) and personal breast examination. The course contains instructional videos that guide hands through essential palpation exercises and didactic learning modules.

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MammaCare® Affiliates are organizations that have one or more MammaCare certified staff members.