VHA CBE Simulator-Trainer

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Real-Time Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) Training & Skills Check

The VHA CBE Simulator-Trainer is a breakthrough technology that trains and validates clinical breast exam skills in real-time within VA facilities using an off-network, preconfigured laptop provided by MammaCare.

VA providers can receive the same level of training and real-time feedback that other customers expect from MammaCare’s web-based CBE Simulator.

Supported in part by the National Science Foundation.

Off-Network Laptop + MammaCare's P.A.D.

Hands-on clinical breast exam training is delivered on a dedicated, offline laptop provided by MammaCare capable of operating within VA facilities. 

breast exam module 1 palpation animation

Digital Instructor

A digital “clinical instructor” guides users through four training modules, assessing progress and providing corrective feedback in real time.

Real-Time Breast Exam Skills are Recorded for Remote Validation

MammaCare’s training application automatically measures and reports the user’s:

  • 3D tissue coverage
  • True positive breast lump detections
  • False positive breast lump detections 
  • The number of exam attempts taken to meet all clinical performance requirements
Multiple CBE Simulator Attempts

Lifelike Breast Lumps

MammaCare developed the only known polymeric breast models that replicate the tactile properties of surgically excised breast cancers and the surrounding, normally nodular tissues.

Users learn to distinguish suspicious lumps from healthy breast tissue.

Breast lump characteristics include:

  • Lump Size: 0.03cm – 1cm
  • Firmness: Hard to soft
  • Mobility: Fixed and movable
  • Placement: Surface, mid, chest wall

VHA CBE Simulator Training Options

CBE Simulator-Trainer
Hands-On CBE Training with Four Breast ModelsYes
Individual Performance ResultsYes
Training Duration2 hours, not including breaks.
Pricing$3,300 per CBE Simulator-Trainer Unit

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