Self Breast Exam Kit for Women

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Maximize your breast awareness by learning what to feel for using MammaCare’s innovative self breast exam kit, featuring a realistic breast model with tumors and self-paced, online training.

Create peace of mind when performing your self breast exams by learning what’s normal and what’s not.

Differentiating Between Normal Breast Tissue and Suspicious Lumps:

Most women may feel lumpy, grainy texture during a self-exam. It’s vital to distinguish between this normal, fibrous texture and potentially suspicious lumps. MammaCare’s self breast exam kit provides a unique opportunity to train your fingers and develop the ability to identify suspicious changes in breast tissue.

Introducing MammaCare’s Breast Self-Exam Kit:

MammaCare’s breast self-exam kit is designed to enhance your self-examination experience. The kit includes a specially crafted transparent breast model, featuring four lifelike breast tumors and normal fibrous tissue. This realistic representation allows you to familiarize yourself with the tactile sensations associated with different types of normal breast textures and suspicious lumps.

Learn and Practice at Your Own Pace:

This online, self-study training program guides you through the process of using the breast model effectively, taking approximately 60 minutes. By practicing with the model through video palpation exercises, you can train your fingers to detect subtle changes and potential abnormalities in your breast tissue.

Gain Confidence and Skills to Perform Your Own Exam:

Gain the confidence and skills to perform thorough self-examinations regularly. Early detection significantly improves the chances of successful treatment and positive outcomes [1].

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purple breast model on women's chest
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