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The MammaCare Personal Learning System was developed with the support of the National Cancer Institute and is regarded as the standard for breast examination. The system includes a pure silicone breast simulation tactual trainer (breast model) and instructional DVD that teach your fingers what to feel for and how to perform a thorough breast exam.  Learning to do a competent breast self-exam at home builds your confidence and ability to monitor and control your breast health.

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Breast self-examination (BSE) is a potentially life-saving skill. But you must teach your fingers how to palpate, what to feel for, and how to search in a thorough manner to perform a BSE correctly. Every woman needs to know what is normal for her so that she will be able to detect changes. MammaCare’s Personal Learning System is a Breast Self-Exam kit with Breast Simulation Model that was developed with the support of the National Cancer Institute to enable women to perform  effective self-exams.

No video, textbook, slideshow, or handout can teach you what breast cancer feels like. Only proper training of the fingers with life-like breast exam models will work. To learn how to perform a self breast exam correctly you will need the most accurate, and life-like breast simulator available.

MammaCare is the recognized standard for teaching and learning  how to correctly examine breasts.  MammaCare’s Personal Learning System  teaches  fingers this potentially life-saving sensory skill. It is used by thousands of women, doctors, nurses and mammographers enabling them to detect tumors as small as a pea (3mm) without increasing false positive detections.

All Women Should Have This Home Self Breast Exam System

The ideal way to get to know the geography of your breasts is by practicing in the comfort of your own home. Seven years of university-based research produced this learning technology now recognized as the standard for teaching and learning self-breast examination. The published scientific history explains its development,.

Why should I learn this technique?

  • MammaCare breast simulation models were created by medical scientists with the support of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
  • The self exam model contains small, hidden “tumors” that you will learn to palpate and detect. You will be able to visually confirm your detection through a window on the underside of the model.
  • The model is so life-like it’s been used to calibrate breast imaging machines.
  • Effective BSE depends on learning the difference between the feeling of normal breast tissue and suspicious lumps.

Weighing just 1 pound and measuring 6 x 6 x 2 inches, the personal Learning System breast simulation contains pressure-sensitive tactile technology that gently paces your self-examination. Palpating the breast simulator while following the procedure on the DVD trains your finger to perform a skilled self  exam.

MammaCare breast simulators and models are widely regarded as the standard for breast examination competencies. We strive to keep them affordable in support of our mission:

To train every hand that examines a women, including her own

Get Informed and Take Charge of Your Own Health Care with MammaCare’s Breast Self-Examination Kit.

The 43-minute instructional DVD walks you through the MammaCare Learning System for personal breast self-examination step-by-step.

The accompanying breast simulator (model) is an eye-opening way to learn the difference between the feel of normal and  abnormal tissue.

Breast examination is a tactile skill that depends on trained fingers. That’s why it makes sense to train the sense of touch on MammaCare’s life-like breast simulator.

  • Most doctors can’t take the time to demonstrate how to palpate effectively or how to perform a thorough self breast exam.
  • Improving your skill increases your confidence.
  • The MammaCare self exam kit won a Merit Award for Health Promotion in the 2009 National Health Information Awards Program.

The instructional DVD that is synchronized with the breast model is available in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese. The English DVD is available with open captions for women who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.



Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 2 in
Skin Tone


AB Breast Model

The AB breast model is the product of a team of university scientists who replicated and validated the tactile characteristics of breast cancers and normal breast structures. The patented breast model technology teaches your fingers to feel the difference between normal breast tissue and potentially harmful changes. The models have a removable backing to allow you to see what you felt. They are available in a light or dark skin tone.

Instructional DVD

A 45-minute instructional DVD that teaches the skill of MammaCare BSE. The DVD is divided into convenient sections so a woman can proceed at her own pace. Available in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese (with characters). The English DVD is available with open captions for women who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.