MammaCare Collegial Learning System


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The step beyond awareness…MammaCare

For Colleges, Universities, Health Centers and Breast Health Organizations for Young Women.

Product Description

The MammaCare Collegial Learning System is designed for organizations that serve women.  The system is used by women in professional and educational groups, sororities, schools and community health education programs.

Young women, under 45, rarely benefit from mammography.  Along with clinical examinations, young women should become familiar with the unique look and feel of their own breasts. Skilled self-examination can help a woman learn what’s normal for her, improving her ability to detect any changes.

The MammaCare Collegial Learning System for Young Women includes two MammaCare Personal Learning Systems. Each Personal Learning System includes a 45-minute instructional DVD teaching the scientifically-validated MammaCare Method® of Breast Examination and a tactually accurate breast model with simulated lumps. The system also comes with one standard educational lump display.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 5 in
2 Complete Personal Learning Systems

Breast self-examination is a potentially life-saving skill. To perform it correctly, your fingers must be taught how to palpate, what to feel for and how to search in a thorough manner. Every woman needs to know what is normal for her and be able to detect changes. Pamphlets, posters and films alone cannot teach these skills. The MammaCare Personal Learning Systems will teach your fingers this potentially life-saving sensorimotor skill.

Standard Lump Chart

Our three-dimensional standard MammaCare lump displays are transparent polyvinyl stands with bases. It is perfect for educational displays. Great care has been taken to ensure that these displays represent clinical sizes of lumps. Available in English and Spanish!