Introduction to MammaCare Clinical Breast Examination


The Standard for Clinical and Personal Breast Examination.

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Product Description

Introduction to MammaCare Clinical Breast Examination Standards with Hands-On Practice is a new continuing education course that includes hands-on training with tactually accurate breast models. Course enrollees receive standardized breast models, learn essential breast exam skills and the basics of breast health, disease and methods of detection in a self-paced, online learning program. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) supported research that resulted in MammaCare, the recognized standard for teaching and performing clinical breast examination.

Course Topics

Normal breast structure
Normal changes in the breast
Disorders of the breast
Development of breast cancer
Breast cancer screening
Clinical history and physical examination
Post-screening follow-up and diagnostic procedures
Research history of MammaCare
CBE Exam Standards Practiced on Breast Models

Continuing Education for Nurses
The MammaCare Foundation is an approved educational provider for the Florida Board of Nursing. Introduction to MammaCare Clinical Breast Examination Standards, Skills and Hands-On Practice is appropriate for advanced registered nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and registered nurses. A Certificate of Completion with 5 hours of continuing education credit is awarded to participants who complete all course requirements.

Requirements for Certification as a MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiner
This course satisfies one of the prerequisite training modules for MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiner Certification.

Technical Requirements
Google Chrome (30.0+), Mozilla Firefox (25.0+), Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0+), and Apple Safari (6.0+) are all supported web browsers.

Refund Policy
You may request a refund before you access the course with the return of breast models.

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