On-Site Breast Exam Training Program

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Confirm Your Team's Breast Exam Competencies

MammaCare’s On-Site Breast Training Program assures your team has the skills required to:

  • Detect suspicious lumps
  • Reject false positives 
  • Thoroughly examine all breast tissue
3d model lumps with callouts

How On-Site Breast Exam Training Works:

  1. Book your training date. 
  2. MammaCare will ship the Breast Exam Simulator to your clinic before your first training day.
  3. Plug-in the device to any computer that has the Google Chrome browser and begin training.
  4. Each team member can save and review their progress.
  5. Return the Breast Exam Simulator after all team members have completed training.

Any Computer + MammaCare's P.A.D.

Hands-on clinical breast exam training is delivered on any computer through the Google Chrome browser and MammaCare’s Palpation Assessment Device (P.A.D.).

breast exam module 1 palpation animation

Digital Instructor

A digital “clinical instructor” guides users through four training modules, assessing progress and providing corrective feedback in real time.

Real-Time Breast Exam Skills are Recorded for Remote Validation

MammaCare’s web-based training application automatically records the user’s:

  • 3D tissue coverage
  • True positive breast lump detections
  • False positive breast lump detections
  • The number of exam attempts taken to meet all clinical performance requirements
Multiple CBE Simulator Attempts

Lifelike Breast Lumps

MammaCare developed the only known polymeric breast models that replicate the tactile properties of surgically excised breast cancers and the surrounding, normally nodular tissues.

Users learn to distinguish suspicious lumps from healthy breast tissue.

Breast lump characteristics include:

  • Lump Size: 0.03cm – 1cm
  • Firmness: Hard to soft
  • Mobility: Fixed and movable
  • Placement: Surface, mid, chest wall
Breast Exam Search Patterns

Search Pattern

The training technology follows and records the pattern and depth of each palpation. As examining fingers practice on successive modules, search pattern and thoroughness improve.

What's Included

Your clinic will receive one (1) Breast Exam Simulator for limited-time use. The Breast Exam Simulator unit includes:

  • One (1) Palpation Assessment Device (P.A.D.)
  • Four (4) high-density breast models containing life-like tumors with a variety of characteristics (depth, size, hardness)
  • Unlimited user accounts for your team
  • Real-time performance results
  • Technical support

The program is designed for a two (2) week training period and can be extended on a weekly basis.

What You Need to Provide

  1. A Windows or Mac computer with the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser
  2. A reliable internet connection


  • Initial training period (two-weeks): $950 + shipping
  • Each additional week: $350

Please note, you must have a current credit card to put on file.

Currently, the MammaCare On-Site Breast Exam Training program is only available within the continental United States.

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