Statewide Training for BCCP Programs

Since 2018, MammaCare has been collaborating with state BCCP programs to deliver low-cost, evidence-based clinical breast exam training to providers spread across urban and rural point-of-care locations.

BCCP Providers learn to perform evidence-based CBEs using the web-based, MammaCare CBE Simulator-Trainer at their facility and have the potential to earn continuing education credits upon completion. Statewide clinical breast exam competencies are reported to DPH administrations.

Improving Public Health

This training system, developed and validated with the support of the National Science Foundation, was adopted to train Veterans Administration clinical staff in the Woman Veterans Health Program and is now used to train nurses in CDC-sponsored National Breast and Cervical Early Detection and Prevention Programs (NBCCEDP), as well as numerous U.S. colleges of nursing and medicine.

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Class Performance Analytics

Training Features

Learn Correct Palpation Techniques

Visually and tactually detect the presence and feeling of suspicious tumors at each level of pressure.

breast exam module 1 palpation animation

Practice Search Pattern and Perimeter

Examine breast tissue in the correct search pattern to detect suspicious tumors.

Reduce False Positive Detections

Discriminate between normal, nodular breast tissue and small, early-stage “tumors” in complex breast models.

Meet Standards for Evidence-Based Examination*

Perform evidence-based exams using the principles of the MammaCare Method to meet recognized standards of sensitivity and specificity.

Performance Feedback

Exam Coverage
False Positives Detected
True Positives Detected

*Selected and Annotated Published Reports