MammaCare’s mission is to train every hand that examines a woman, including her own.

MammaCare, the recognized quality-standard for physical examination of the breast, was developed with the support of the National Cancer Institute, the National Science Foundation and medical scientists worldwide. The contributions of MammaCare scientists and colleagues have been noted in landmark reports on early detection. For more information on breast exam standards and practices, go to:

Does This Patient Have Breast Cancer? The Screening Clinical Breast Examination: Should It Be Done? How?  Journal of the American Medical Association, 1999 Oct, 6: 283(13), 1687-9.  Barton, M.B., Harris, R. & Fletcher, S.W.

“Our recommendation incorporates practices from the MammaCare method because its components have been validated in independent investigations of CBE technique.” (p. 1276)