Our Mission

Train every hand that examines a woman, including her own.

MammaCare® was developed with the support of the National Cancer Institute and National Science Foundation to establish and provide the essential tactile skills required for early breast cancer detection and to reduce false positives.

Over 45 Years of Research & Development

Since 1974, MammaCare has contributed to the clinical understanding of the human tactile sense and the skills necessary for detecting sub-centimeter, suspicious lesions in breast tissues.  

Properly trained hands are a safe and effective means of detecting suspicious changes in breast tissue that may require follow-up, without initial exposure to radiation.

Government Training Programs

U.S. Veterans Administration Training programs:

In 2012, MamamCare deployed +160 advanced clinical breast exam simulator-trainers across the VA within the continental U.S.

VA Women’s Health Mini Residency Program:

Each year, MamamCare trains hundreds of VA providers using the advanced CBE Simulator-Trainer.

VA Mobile Women’s Health Training Program for Rural Providers:

The VA’s Mobile Mini-Residency Training program travels directly to providers in rural communities. The training curriculum includes the introductory modules on the advanced CBE Simulator-Trainer.

Georgia DPH: Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP)

In 2018, Georgia DPH leadership collaborated with MammaCare to develop a train-the-trainer program to deliver statewide clinical breast exam training to nurses supporting BCCP initiatives.

MammaCare trained and certified one Georgia DPH official to become a MammaCare Specialist, responsible for certifying district leaders as MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiners in each of the 18 health districts.

Each BCCP nurse is expected to retrain each year.

Image of BCCP Train the Trainer Model

Hospital Training Programs

Sanford World Clinic: Ghanaian Pilot Program

The MammaCare Foundation and Sanford World Clinic are working together to train frontline clinical examiners as the first step for effective breast cancer screening that can reduce fatal delays in detection and treatment. Standardized, computer-guided training allows this initiative to produce and verify essential breast exam skills in a timely and cost-effective manner. The pilot program in Kumasi, Ghana trained community-based midwives and local prescribers to begin performing clinical breast exams to identify early-stage cancers.

Henry Ford Health System

The leading health care and medical services provider in the Southwest Detroit region, Henry Ford Health System, has embedded MammaCare training with a unique “train-the-trainer” program. Their Certified MammaCare Specialists train and certify MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiners throughout their healthcare system to improve the quality of breast care for patients in Michigan.

Affiliate Program

MammaCare Affiliates are organizations across the United States that have staff who are currently certified in MammaCare and offer MammaCare breast examination. Examples include CHI Health Regional Cancer Center at Good Samaritan (Kearney, NE), Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (Pelican, AK), Saint Louis University Cancer Center (St. Louis, MO), and many more. View all of MammaCare’s affiliate programs on our map.