Quick Facts:

This course is for: Women’s healthcare providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and radiologic technologists)

On-Site Training Duration: 3 days

Certifies a graduate to:

  • Train and certify other clinicians
  • Perform MammaCare Clinical Breast Exams (MCBE)
  • Teach women MammaCare Breast Self-Examination (MBSE)

Included Training Material:

  • Professional Learning System (MLS-1)
  • Personal Learning System (MLS-2)
  • Skill Maintenance Breast Model
  • BSE/CBE Poster
  • 2 Standard Lump Displays
  • Palpation Pad


  • First trainee: Call for a quote.
  • Second trainee from the same facility: Call for a quote.

* Certification is valid for 3 years

* Continuing education contact hours are available

Course Description

MammaCare certification is the recognized standard for performing and teaching clinical breast examination and breast self-examination. The three-day Specialist Course, which is the core of MammaCare professional training, is conducted with one trainer and one or two trainees.

Trainees begin the program online and acquire baseline palpation skills in preparation for their arrival at the training site. Trainees learn standardized breast examination skills by palpating tactually accurate breast models and by examining surrogate patients. Trainees also learn to measure and document breast examination proficiency.

Graduates are certified to perform MammaCare Clinical Breast Examinations (MCBE). They also are certified to teach MCBE to other professionals and MammaCare Breast Self-Examination (MBSE) to women.

MammaCare Specialists can certify other clinicians as MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiners. There is an additional fee for this certification.

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