Computer Guided Training Modules
Module 1: Sensitivity Training I
• Normal nodularity
• Solid lesions
• Surface lesions
• Mid-depth lesions
• Chest wall lesions
• Movable and fixed lesions
Module 2: Sensitivity Training II
• Examination pressures
• Examination pattern and perimeter
• Lesion detection within complex breast tissue
Module 3: Specificity Training I
• Discriminating suspicious lesions from normal tissue
• Monitoring and eliminating false alarms (false detections)
Module 4: Specificity Training II
• Detecting suspicious lesions (<5mm) in dense breast tissue
• Monitoring and eliminating false alarms (false detections) in dense breast tissue

Average time to complete: 2 hours (excluding breaks)

Student Feedback

Getting practice on these models is MUCH more helpful than just learning about it! You never really know what “lumps” feel like until you get a chance to touch them.

– Vanderbilt student

Great module/way to learn! Definitely recommend to clinicians just starting out and those of all levels to enhance CBE skills.

– University of Vermont student

The sim training was very difficult, but I learned a great deal during the experience.

– University of Florida student

Love the testing program. It was super helpful in determining the difference between lumps and nodularities, as well as ensuring I was actually covering all of the breast tissue.

– Vanderbilt student

I feel that practicing with the sensors help to differentiate between normal and abnormal.

– Binghamton University student

The MammaCare CBE Simulator-Trainer is a self-administered, palpation training platform that produces and validates breast examination skill. The computer’s operating program is based on published quality-standard examination protocols.

The simulator-trainer advances clinical sensitivity and specificity via progressively more complex breast models. The hands-on examination programs teach basic palpation and advanced tactile discrimination skills. A digital “clinical instructor” guides the student through the training modules, assessing progress and providing corrective feedback.


Clinical Breast Exam Competencies

Abstract: Improved Clinical Breast Examination Competencies

An Effective Multimodal Curriculum to Teach Internal Medicine Residents Evidence-Based Breast Health

Clinical Breast Examination Competency Network

Angelo State University

Binghamton University

Carlow University

Case Western Reserve Univ.

Central Michigan University

FSU College of Medicine

Georgia College

Grand Valley State University

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 

James Madison University

Mayo Clinic

Mercy Health Partners

Mount Carmel Health

Shenandoah University

Southeastern Louisiana Univ.

Southern Adventist University

Stony Brook University

SUNY Downstate Med. Center

Texas Tech University

University of Alaska

University of Cincinnati

University of New Mexico

University of Pittsburgh

Univ. of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Univ. of San Francisco

Univ. of South Florida Health Science Center

Univ. of Vermont

Univ. of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 

Vanderbilt University

Women Veterans Health Program

Western Kentucky University

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