Trainees receive hands-on training from instructors who are experts in the MammaCare Method®, the recognized standard for performing and teaching clinical and personal breast examination. MammaCare certification assures the clinician has met MammaCare’s rigorous standards for proficient, skill-based breast examination. Certification courses provide in-depth training to improve examination and teaching skill and increase clinician confidence. Courses are offered to nurses, physicians, radiologic technologists and health educators. Continuing education contact hours are available.

Certification Courses:

Recertification Courses:

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Trainee Feedback

I am truly amazed how well prepared I feel to do my first CBE back at work. I learned so much in two days. I could not be more pleased with my experience.

– MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiner


Being able to observe, practice, and teach was the best part about the program…the individual training was a real bonus.

– MammaCare Specialist


I loved the one-on-one individual training with the instructor. I felt extremely comfortable with the learning atmosphere.

– MammaCare BSE Instructor