“The training was great! I feel like I finally know
how to do a self breast exam. And even better
I can now teach other women to do it. This is
a huge wonderful tool I’ve been given.”

– Quote from a course graduate

New – MammaCare BSE Instructor Course via Teletraining

The new MammaCare BSE Instructor Course is conducted via teletraining. It is designed for women’s healthcare professionals who plan to teach women how best to perform self-exams and to conduct community workshops. The program contains a series of online breast health tutorials, correct self-exam procedures, palpation exercises, and teaching sessions. The nine-hour course is divided into two training modules: self-study and a one-to-one video conference with a Certified MammaCare Instructor.  

The MammaCare BSE Instructor certificate is awarded after successful completion of all training requirements. Certification is valid for three years*. Continuing education contact hours are available for nurses.

Course Fee: $1250

Fee includes workshop and one-to-one teaching tools:

  • MammaCare Professional Learning System (MLS-1)
  • Six additional tactually accurate breast models
  • Online course includes breast health tutorials, quizzes, and resources
  • BSE Workshop PowerPoint presentation, teaching cards, and training materials
  • MammaCare BSE Instructor certificate
  • BSE Instructor Pin

*Recertification is also available via video conference.

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