Sadaf Medical Conducting a breast exam training for JBCP

MammaCare and Sadaf Medical Bring Safe and Effective Breast Exams to Jordanian Women

MammaCare, a global leader in breast exam training and certification, and Sadaf Medical of Jordan, a leading distributor of medical equipment and training resources, have established an exclusive partnership to assure that all Jordanian women have access to safe and effective breast exams by highly skilled hands.

The partnership between MammaCare and Sadaf Medical will revolutionize breast exams for Jordanian women, by assuring that the commonly performed clinical breast exam can detect and/or confirm the earliest signs of breast cancer without increasing false positive alarms.

Since 1974, MammaCare has delivered state-of-the-art technology and training programs for healthcare providers. The scientifically validated training methods enable medical professionals to perform safe and effective breast exams, improving the chances of detecting abnormalities at an early stage. 

MammaCare’s web-based training platform is the only known technology that teaches, measures, and verifies breast exam skills. Clinicians are required to meet standards of sensitivity, specificity and thoroughness in order to pass each breast exam. 

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Sadaf Medical Supplies,” said Zachary DeLand, MammaCare’s COO. “Together, we are committed to ensuring that Jordanian women receive the highest standard of breast exams. Clinicians must be able to accurately and reliably confirm or dispel what their patients report.”

“We believe that by combining MammaCare’s top-tier clinical training with our distribution network, we can make a significant impact on women’s health in Jordan,” stated Mr. Mutaz Abu Zaitoon, Managing Director of Sadaf Medical. “Our joint efforts will undoubtedly result in more accurate and effective breast examinations, leading to better healthcare outcomes.”

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