Introduction to Clinical Breast Exam Standards and Practice

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This online, self-study course introduces students to essential breast health topics and screening methods before learning to perform the techniques of proficient clinical breast examination using the 5 Ps of the MammaCare Method.

This course is also available to practicing clinicians who want to enhance their breast examination skills.

Continuing education contact hours/credits are available to nurses (RN, APRN, CNS) and radiologic technologists (RT).

Essential Breast Topics

Normal Breast Structure

Normal Changes in the Breast

Disorders of the Breast

Development of Breast Cancer

Primary Breast Cancer Screening

Clinical History and Physical Exam

Breast Imaging and Biopsy

Improving Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities

MammaCare Method of Clinical Breast Examination

The MammaCare Method of Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) is the result of research that identified five essential examination techniques for performing a standardized clinical breast examination.

  1. PALPATION – Use the pads of the middle three fingers to make three dime-size circles at each spot you palpate.
  2. PRESSURES – Make each dime-size circle at increasing levels of pressure (light, medium, deep) to examine tissue at different depths.
  3. PATTERN – Follow the vertical strip search pattern, palpating tissue in down and up lines, to provide the most thorough coverage of the breast.
  4. PERIMETER – Examine all areas of the chest where breast cells are located, not only the portion of the breast that fits into a bra.
  5. POSITIONS – Examine the breast tissue in two different positions to evenly distribute tissue against the chest wall.

Each student will learn the MammaCare Method of CBE by observing proper examination techniques through video demonstrations and interactive palpation exercises using two breast models containing lifelike breast lumps. 

Breast Exam Training Kit

The transparent teaching model allows the student to see what they are feeling as they learn to discriminate between normal nodularity and suspicious breast lumps. 

The opaque breast model allows the student to practice detecting suspicious breast lumps hidden within complex tissue.

Breast Exam Skills Check-Off

During each breast model exam, students will record the location of each lump they find. After completing the exam, they will be presented with a visual report of the lumps they found (sensitivity) and those that were missed (specificity). 

Students are required to repeat exams until they have met standards of sensitivity and specificity.

Class Performance Overview

Faculty can review individual breast exam attempts and see performance results for the class.

Introduction to CBE Standards and Practice Packages

Online CBE Training Package
Total Student AccountsUnlimited
Individual Performance ResultsYes
Class Performance ResultsYes
Training Duration3 hours (online, self-study)
Cost per Two-model training kit $179 + shipping
Annual Course License$500
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