The importance of a breast cancer self-examination kit

The MammaCare Foundation Personal Learning Kit for Breast Self Examination

Regular breast cancer examination is one of the best ways to detect the disease in its earliest stages and to stop it from progressing. However, as simple as it may sound, most women are not aware of the most effective way to examine themselves. Self-exams can be effective with knowledge of what is normal and what could be a red flag, a suspicious change.

The MammaCare Personal Learning Kit is a potentially life-saving, easy to learn self-exam system that can be used in the comfort of your own home to determine if there is a dangerous change in your breast that could be developing. The kit contains a tactually-accurate self-exam breast model that possesses the features of normal breast tissue and small, detectable changes that require evaluation. Practice with the kit makes it easier to learn to detect tumors and also, confirm the detection using a window that is located on its underside.

The kit also comes with an instructional DVD that clearly demonstrates and guides the user on how to perform a self-exam in the correct manner. With the option to choose from multiple languages, it is all the more convenient to listen and understand for many women of the world.
Every woman, every mother and every daughter should have access to the MammaCare Personal Learning kit for Breast Self Examination.