Clincal Breast Examination (CBE) ONLINE is an e-learning course that teaches both hands and eyes the standards of practice for clinical breast examination. Students and clinicians learn proper palpation techniques on a set of MammaCare tactually accurate breast models while viewing instructional videos and knowledge-based content.
Course includes:

✔Access to CBE ONLINE
✔Tactually-accurate breast models
✔Performance analysis for faculty members

Course Topics
Normal breast structure
Normal changes in the breast
Breast disorders
Development of breast cancer
Breast cancer screening
Clinical history and physical examination
Post-screening follow-up and diagnostic procedures
Research history of MammaCare
The MammaCare Method® of clinical breast examination*

*Palpation practice on tactually accurate breast model set.
Average time to complete: 2 hours

This Course is Ideal For

  • University Courses
  • Distance Learning
  • Self-Study

This is a highly relevant exercise for those untrained in breast exam technique

– University of Florida student

Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) ONLINE® Breast Model Set

Student model set 2

Clincial Breast Exam Simulator-Trainer

Breast exam competencies are validated via the computer-guided Simiulator-Trainer. Tactile and visual feedback shape critical tumor detection skills while minimizing false alarms. Students learn to discriminate between normal nodular (lumpy) breast tissue and suspicious masses.

Course includes:
✔The MammaCare CBE Simulator-Trainer
✔Tactually-accurate breast models
✔Real-time performance analysis for faculty members

Computer Guided Training Modules
Module 1: Sensitivity Training I
• Normal nodularity
• Solid lesions
• Surface lesions
• Mid-depth lesions
• Chest wall lesions
• Movable and fixed lesions
Module 2: Sensitivity Training II
• Examination pressures
• Examination pattern and perimeter
• Lesion detection within complex breast tissue
Module 3: Specificity Training I
• Discriminating suspicious lesions from normal tissue
• Monitoring and eliminating false alarms (false detections)
Module 4: Specificity Training II
• Detecting suspicious lesions (<5mm) in dense breast tissue
• Monitoring and eliminating false alarms (false detections) in dense breast tissue

Average time to complete: 2 hours (excluding breaks)

This Course is Ideal For

  • Simulation Center Integration
  • Graduate Students

Should be core requirement for all NP and medical students.

– University of Vermont student

This coupled with real bedside education really helped.

– University of San Francisco student

The MammaCare CBE Simulator-Trainer is a self-administered, palpation training platform that produces and validates breast examination skill. The computer’s operating program is based on published quality-standard examination protocols.

The simulator-trainer advances clinical sensitivity and specificity via progressively more complex breast models. The hands-on examination programs teach basic palpation and advanced tactile discrimination skills. A digital “clinical instructor” guides the student through the training modules, assessing progress and providing corrective feedback.

Breast Exam Simulator-Trainer Performance Results

Module 2: Unlimited false detections allowed

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