Introduction to Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) Standards and Practice

Introduction to CBE Standards and Practice is an e-learning course that introduces students’ hands and eyes to the elements of clinical breast examination. Each student receives a standard set of MammaCare® breast models synchronized with exercises that teach proper palpation techniques. Instructional videos and knowledge-based content guide students through the course. Instructors receive students’ completed results.
The course includes:

✔Access to CBE Standards and Practice
✔Tactually-accurate teaching breast models
✔Student course results for faculty members

Course Topics
Normal breast structure
Normal changes in the breast
Breast disorders
Development of breast cancer
Breast cancer screening
Clinical history and physical examination
Post-screening follow-up and diagnostic procedures
Research history of MammaCare
The MammaCare Method® of clinical breast examination*

*Palpation practice on tactually accurate breast model set.
Average time to complete: 2 hours

This Course is Ideal For

  • University Courses
  • Distance Learning
  • Self-Study

This is a highly relevant exercise for those untrained in breast exam technique

– University of Florida student

Clinical Breast Exam Standards and Practice Breast Model Set

Student model set 2

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