Clinical Breast Examination: A Practice that Should be Practiced Well

Over the course of a lifetime, about 1 in 8 American women will develop an invasive form of breast cancer. In 2017, an expected 252,710 women will be diagnosed with new cases of breast cancer and 2,470 men will be similarly afflicted.

Early detection and treatment can prevent the physical and emotional costs of living with cancer. A clinical breast exam is performed by a trained practitioner and takes place in the office or clinic whereas your personal breast self exam will most likely be completed at home.

A thorough clinical breast exam, performed by the hands of a skilled nurse or physician is an valuable, inexpensive and non-invasive test that should be part of your routine health examination. Your practitioner should be trained to perform the most effective  breast exam using a palpation technique that covers all of your breast tissue to detect any unusual lumps and suspicious changes. Your understanding of the value of a good physical exam and your practitioner’s skills provide the the most sensible approach to good breast health and freedom from worry. The exam, if thorough may take about three minutes per breast.

MammaCare Certified Clinical Breast Examiners have been trained and certified to perform the most effective breast exams known to science and medicine. The training program teaches practitioners to reliably detect small breast tumors without false alarms and to perform the most thorough breast exams. The training is rigorous to assure that the skills of the certified practitioner meet high standards. During a clinical breast examination with a MammaCare Certified practitioner, you will be asked to place your arms over your head, bend them by your sides,  press your hands against your hips and assume postures that allow your examiner to palpate all areas of your breast and examine to look for any differences in shape and size between your breasts as well as a visual exam to observe and report  any skin dimpling, marks or other important  visible signs. You can search for certified examiners in your area here.